AMA REFLUID produces hydraulic cylinders and components, standard or created according to customer design, meeting all European safety and usage norms and reliable over time. They are developed and supplied for a variety of industries and uses.Planning based on various typologies, couplings, rods and accessories allows the customer a wide range of functions and sizes to choose from when designing a product.

The internally produced REFLUID line rounds out AMA’s hydraulic offerings with articles for hydraulic power packs and systems: hoses (with or without fittings and quick-release couplings), gear pumps, gear boxes, hydraulic motors, orbitrols and spool valves.

AMA REFLUID, thanks to its company AMA KRATOS, manufactures standard cylinders and small-batch design as well. It makes the group even more versatile and even more capable of meeting customer needs.

AMA REFLUID is part of AMA, the first group in Italy able to supply components and equipment for outfitting and maintaining off-highway vehicles, agricultural and gardening machines.

- Agricultural Machines- Material handling Machines
- Constructions machines
- Industrial & Speciality Vehicles
- Lawn & Garden Machines


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