Safety and health for operators and customers

AMA Face Shields for your business

Since May 2020 many businesses have reopened, and must comply with severe measures issued by the Government to contain Covid-19 widespread.
In particular, Face Shields are mandatory for hairdressers and beauty center operators to ensure the health and safety of operators and customers.

iFace Shield with transparent polycarbonate visor, available in different thickness, 100% Made in Italy

It is resistant, adjustable and comfortable, safe and stable during head movements.
It complies with UNI EN 166:2004 standard for protection for industrial use.
It protects operator’s face and eyes from splashes, saliva and particles at high speed, while maintaining good ventilation.
It can be sanitized after each and every use, and fully reusable
CE marked product.


Polycarbonate thickness 0,75/1 mm, with hypoallergenic and comfortable strip.
Suitable for industrial, gardening and sanitary use.
Available in 6 colours

CE marking


Lighter than P/n 08840MED, with 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate. Suitable and even more comfortable for whoever is usually working with audiences or at the counter.
Available in 6 colours

CE marking

We help ensure the safety and health of workers and users

How to sanitize Face Shields

They must first be washed with water and common detergents and disinfected according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer or, failing that, with products containing “disinfectant” agents according to the indications provided by the circulars of the Ministry of Health and the ISS COVID-19, no. 19/2020.

Who needs

  • Face Shields shall be chosen according to the risk situations identified by analyzing the activities and working methods, with adequate involvement of the competent physician, where expected.
  • Useful for all activities working with audiences or at the counter
  • Hairdressers, barbers and beauty center operators, in particular for face and beard care operations.
    The use of the surgical mask should be associated with face shields that comply with the requirements of the EN 166:2001 Standard.
  • Sanitary use


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