In order to ensure ever more conditions of fairness and transparency in the conduct of company activities, AMA has adopted an “Organization, Management and Control Model” in line with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

The adoption of this Model constitutes, beyond the legal requirements, a further valid tool to raise the awareness of all employees and those who collaborate with AMA, in order to follow correct and transparent behavior in line with ethical and social values which inspires the company.

For the purposes of preparing the Model, AMA proceeded to analyze its risk areas taking into account the requirements of the Decree and the Guidelines formulated by Confindustria.


The AMA group, as part of its business conduct, recognizes, accepts and shares a set of values practiced both internally within the Company and externally with its ustomers and suppliers.

The ethical principles shared by all people working in the AMA group are:

  • Respect, understood as transparency, sincerity, understanding
  • Everyone’s involvement, as an important source of motivation
  • Practicality and spirit of initiative
  • Sense of responsability
  • Humility and curiosity, which include acknowledging one’s limits and constantly  striving to learn from every experience
  • The moral integrity, the centrality of the customer and the constant search for superior performance are the prerequisites on which the work of AMA is based, guaranteeing the commitment and loyalty that the group assures to its stakeholders.


For AMA, growing does not mean only becoming bigger, but adapting to new situations, challenges and economic scenarios. Our goal is to become the number one in Europe in the supply of components and equipment for OHV, agricultural and gardening machineries:

  • by offering products and solutions to a wide range of prefessional and semi-professional operators, aimed at optimizing the operational processes, generating economic value;
  • by being first in taking advantage of development opportunities merging from systematic contact with technological innovation, distribution and the market.


Since its birth, AMA has placed social and environmental issues in the foreground, attributing great value to people and placing them at the center of every choice that has characterized the different business strategies.

We are aware of our duties toward society and the environment, and a willingness to commit ourselves in a concrete way to leave a tangible sign in the communities in which we operate, with the aim of increasing the value for all our stakeholders as well.



With the Sustainability Report we want to testify the commitment that the AMA Group also takes on in the area of social responsibility and corporate sustainability, with the aim of laying the necessary foundations to make social responsibility, first and foremost, a primary value for all AMA people (“AMA people”), an integrated and shared model to face a long-term path of sustainable development.


The AMA group relies on an integrated management system concerned with both quality assurance and the environment that places customers, as end user of AMA products or, more generally, the local community sharing the environment, at the center of all planning and action.

The AMA group, driven by a strong desire to grow by improving social welfare and its employees, has adopted a recognized quality management system, which provides guide lines with respect to the objectives and strategies to be adopted in line with current regulations, and allows the control of progress made. The Centralized Quality Laboratory coordinates these operations.

AMA takes care of a series of activities aimed at measuring customer satisfaction, both daily, through an effective Customer Care service managed on the company information system, and annually through questionnaires and interviews.

Improvement of business performance is also carried out in terms of environmental protection. The group if therefore constantly engaged in improving production processes and gives considerable attention to the use of resources for preventing pollution and risks.

In this way it is possible to:

  • Manage waste promoting their recovery with a view to less use of disposal
  • Maintaining liquid effluents, atmospheric and noise emissions in the condition of minimum pollution
  • Pay specific attention to the management of substances potentially harmful to the environment used in the production cycle
  • Promote a systematic rationalization of electricity consumption
  • To involve and let workers become aware so that they adopt correct behavior for the protection of the environment
  • All the companies in the group are ISO9001 certified
  • The quality system of AMA is integrated with the environmental management system compliant with ISO14001, certification obtained from all plants


AMA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.
Half a century of history in which this company has established itself worldwide, becoming a leader in the supply of components for agriculture, OHV, gardening and construction.

We have come a long way from the small premises in an old garage in the center of San Martino in Rio.
The first products were linch pins, pins and saw benches. Our goal: to make the spare parts and accessories necessary for their work more accessible to farmers.
In a short time, AMA has evolved from a commercial to a productive company, and from a small family-run business we have grown relentlessly.

Continuity, innovation and courage have distinguished this success: AMA has grown in size, turnover and mentality. The daily support of customers and colleagues has allowed us to establish ourselves in many sectors.

Thanks also to the territory: the link with it represents an added value for our company. And even today that we have offices all over the world, the heart of AMA remains in the province of Reggio Emilia, where it has grown and from which it has drawn a lot of work force and a lot of extraordinary talent.

The first 50 years of work represent an important anniversary. A moment to pause to look at the road traveled, make a reasoned balance and look at how much we still have before us. In fact, from the beginning, one of the keys to AMA’s success has been to continue to grow, to evolve, considering each milestone reached a step towards our future. The opportunities are many, some still to be written .

Luciano Malavolti – AMA President