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SARA Division

Production of wear spare parts, adaptable to plows and tillage equipment. Standard plow bodies, customized as per customer’s request and spare parts (plowshares, mouldboard and chisels).

Mechano-welding items intended for a wide range of slow-moving, recreational and passenger vehicles.


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Our location

Via dell’Artigianato, 2 – Z.I. Collepepe
06050 Collepepe (PG)



  • Ancore decompattatore
  • Elementi indipendente con mozzo e disco per frangizolle
  • Ricambi di usura per aratri
  • Riporto antiusura
  • Particolari di meccano-saldatura

Soil working components

Soil Working

NAF Division

Quattro Castella (RE), Italy
Soil Working

SARA Division

Collepepe (PG), Italy