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OEM Solutions
Soil Working

The Soil Working Business Unit is responsible for the production of spare parts for plows and soil tillage equipment.

The production, entirely Made in Italy, is focused on plowing bodies and components – plowshares, shafts and chisels – standard or customized.

Of primary importance is the offer of clod-break discs, hoes, harvesters, rotary harrow teeth and lawn mower blades, mainly made to design. This is accompanied by the medium size metal assemblies, applicable to a wide range of machines, not just those for tilling.


Agricultural machinery

Machines for the care of green spaces

AMA products

Plow bodies
Spare Parts
Medium size metal assemblies
Teeth for rotary harrows
Clod-breaking discs
Lawnmower and cutter blades

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SARA Division
NAF Division

Where our soil working components take shape

Soil Working

NAF Division

Quattro Castella (RE), Italy
Soil Working

SARA Division

Collepepe (PG), Italy