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Our values

“Each goal achieved is not a finish line for us, but an ‘intermediate’ step towards a future still full of surprises”

Alessandro Malavolti

Our aim is to tackle new challenges and an ever-changing economic scenario with ambition and determination.

For us, growing as a group means adapting to a market that is constantly evolving, refining the technologies available and investing in new resources with the aim of designing and manufacturing components and equipment for the Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) sector that are increasingly cutting-edge.

For AMA, growing does not just mean getting bigger, but adapting to new situations, challenges and economic scenarios.

The company’s goal is to become number one in Europe in the supply of components and equipment for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV), agricultural and gardening machinery.

AMA offers the entire supply chain of professional and semi-professional operators solutions aimed at optimizing operational processes, and generating economic value, and it also seizes, before its competitors, developmental opportunities that emerge from systemic contact with technological innovation, distribution and the market.

The values we believe in

The people in the AMA Group

Since its establishment, AMA has prioritized social and environmental issues, attributing great value to people and placing them at the center of every choice that has characterized the various business strategies.

We are aware of our duties towards society and the environment, and the willingness to commit ourselves in a concrete way to leaving a tangible mark in the communities in which we operate, with the aim of also increasing value for all our stakeholders.

With the sustainability report we want to bear witness to the commitment that the AMA Group also assumes in the area of social responsibility and corporate sustainability, with the aim of laying the foundations for making social responsibility, above all, a primary value for all AMA people, an integrated and shared model for tackling a long-term sustainable development path.

Quality and environment

Adopting a management system oriented towards Quality and the Environment means placing the Customer at the center of the work, Customer being both a user of the product and an environmental community, both an operator and a partner.

The AMA group, animated by the desire to grow by improving the well-being of society and of its collaborators, has adopted a well-known and appreciated quality management system, which provides indications regarding the objectives and strategies to be adopted that are in line with current regulations and allows the control of the progress made. These operations are coordinated by the Centralized Quality Workshop.

AMA handles a series of activities aimed at measuring the customer’s satisfaction, both daily, through an effective Customer Care service managed on the company information system, and annually by means of questionnaires and interviews.

The improvement of company performance is also achieved in terms of environmental protection.

For this reason, the group is constantly engaged in improving production processes and pays great attention to the exploitation of resources in terms of the prevention of pollution and risks.

In this way, it is possible to:

  • Manage the waste produced by promoting its recovery with a view to reducing waste disposal
  • Keep liquid effluents, atmospheric and sound emissions in the condition of creating minimum pollution
  • Pay specific attention to the management of those substances used in the production cycle which are potentially harmful to the environment
  • Promote a systematic rationalization of electricity consumption
  • Raise awareness and involve the personel so that they assume behavior which is appropriate to the protection of the environment
  • All companies in the group have th ISO9001 certification.
  • AMA’s quality system is integrated with the environmental management system which complies with the ISO14001 standard, a certification that all of the plants have obtained.