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AMA transform the online experience with


AMA transform the online experience with

An intuitive interface and comprehensive support for users and dealers

AMA redefines the concept of a “website” by transforming the new page into an innovative and engaging experience.
This digital space is entirely dedicated to Freemow battery-powered machinery and tools, an AMA brand designed for the optimal care of any green space.

It is not just a product catalog but a complete support tool for users and dealers, simplifying and improving all stages of evaluation, purchase, and after-sales service. You will find a comprehensive and constantly updated overview of the information needed to evaluate the purchase of a Freemow-branded machine, such as robotic lawnmowers, presented with detailed images and videos illustrating their technical features, benefits, and functionalities.

The tutorials are the main highlight of this platform: they guide users step by step through the correct installation of Freemow products, making the process accessible even to less experienced users.

The “Support” section includes FAQs and tips for positioning and using the robot, offering concrete help to both current Freemow product owners and those wishing to start gardening with Freemow machines.
For further after-sales management support, it is possible to get in direct contact with a specialized technician, thus ensuring dedicated and highly qualified assistance.

AMA work hard to providing added value to its network by enhancing visibility through the “Dealers” section, which redirects directly to the AMA website and provides an effective tool for product promotion.

Additionally, AMA actively supports dealers through the organization of dedicated training days, designed to offer in-depth knowledge of Freemow products and to enable them to acquire the skills and tools necessary to best face the sales season.

Innovation remains at the centre of the graphical interface design, ensuring an immediate and intuitive experience that puts the users’ needs first and facilitates the connection between AMA and its stakeholders.

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