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Macchine e accessori da giardinaggio


Made in Italy

The electic mills of Magico series are ideal for grinding any type of cereal of a non-oily nature, like: corn, durum and soft wheat, barley, oats, rice, rye, beans, and many others.

The sieves supplied are of various sizes and easy to replace. By choosing the most appropriate size, you can obtain several finesses that can be used for: cattle, chickens, pigs, rabbits, chicks, and many other animals.

Some features:

  • Self-regulated entrance of cereals into the grinding chamber.
  • Powerful motor with forced ventilation equipped with a safety system that interrupts power supply in case of too high temperatures. This ensures the quality and long life of the mill.
  • Sophisticated security devices that prevent access to moving and dangerous parts.
  • Containers made of material suitable for contact with foodstuffs

Which model to choose?

EMC50 Art 13400

The Magic mills are ideal to grind any kind of cereals: maize, hard and soft wheat, oats, barley, rice, broad beans, chestnuts, etc (not the cereals with oil-seeds). Using one of the different sieves supplied, you can produce different feeds for cows, swine, chicks, chickens, rabbits, etc. The cereal entrance in the mill area is automatically controlled. The special motor is equipped with forced ventilation and automatic stop when the temperatures are too high. These features guarantee a long lasting live to the mill. Very important: this new generation mills is equipped with safety devices to prevent the access to all the dangerous areas.
Higher safety for the users.

EMC60 Art 79710

This mill has similar features to EMC50 but it’s built with higher-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum. The hopper is not painted but it was subject to a special treatment that makes it easier to be cleaned and more wear resistant.

EMC70 Art 79700

The EMC70 mill has a 2 Hp motor, the most powerful in its category, a bigger hopper for better productivity. It’s possible to regulate the rounds to get different grindings for certain kinds of cereals.

Dettagli costruttivi

Regulation of cereals input flow.

Safe and efficient grinding group.

Grills with different sizes of holes to choose the desired degree of fineness.


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