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CL 2100

Caratteristiche standard

Complete Steering Module including:

  • 9 Plastic covers made via injection moulding (design and tools are property of ama spa).
  • Unit with 4 indicator lights.
  • Accommodation for ignition switch.
  • Accommodation for 2 of swf-valeo rocker switch units. • Accommodation for 1 of swf-valeo stalk switch (LH).
  • Option for wiring harness (standard or customized).
  • Option for steering wheel.

Dual Tilt adjustment:

  • Upper pivot located at mid column length, operated by a dedicated push lever.
  • Lower pivot located at the base of the column (5° toward windshield, 20° toward operator), operated by a dedicated foot pedal.
  • Both tilt adjustments are gas strut assisted.

Telescopic adjustment:

  • Located onto upper section
  • Travel: 75mm.
  • Operated by a dedicated pull lever located underneaththe steering wheel.
  • Special mechanism allowing relationship between steering wheel and column switch to remain un- changed.